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shun 2011-5-1 22:15
Dear Khan,
It's great. U mean that we can meet in GuangZhou on 14th 15th of May? I can come that time. Please help me to get more L.a. thanks a million ! Please feel free to phone me or mail me ! take care! BR Shun MB(SMS+Phone):+853-66122152 E-mail:
shun 2011-4-24 20:28
Dear Khan, I guess U maybe  the friend of SAM(TaoBao- Spiderman) who is the scorpion lover in ShangHai. He has told me that he has a friend in HaiNan who can catch some L.a. for me. Nice to meet u! I think u can send to SAM and let SAM give me. Cause I will go to ShangHai this July. please feel free to phone or sms or mail me anytime( my mobile: +853-66122152). thanks for your help again! take care! BR Shun
Khan 2011-4-24 07:41
Dear shun, to serve for you is my pleasure. I am Haikou, Hainan. Will you come Hainan sometime? Hope to meet you.
shun 2011-4-22 16:48
Dear Khan, thanks for your help! wouldn't u tell me where u live now? Maybe I can find U and get the L.a. please keep contact! thanks a million! BR Shun
Khan 2011-4-21 21:30
Dear shun, my e-mail is I just have two L.a. now. But if you need more, I can get it, but please give me some time. Thank you for your kindness, if I need any kind of scorpion, I will hook you up. But it is seems that I can not send it to Macau, what about Zhuhai? Or if you have any good idea? Wish you a good day.
shun 2011-4-21 13:16
Dear Khan, I'm so sorry! I don't have any QQ. Maybe we can use e-mail tp contact with each other. your english is good. Hope U can help me  to get this L.a. And if u want any kind of scorpion please tell me! it's good to meet u here!    Best Regards SHUN
Khan 2011-4-16 07:24
   Hello,nice to meet you. If you like  Liocheles australasiae, we are glad to sell some to you. I am sorry that I am in kind of busy these days, so I had not replyed you in time. Do you have the QQ number? If you have, we can speak in QQ, that is more easier. If not, reply me, we will use an E-mail.And my English is so pool, so there are many mistakes in grammar,sorry. Make everyday a happy day.
shun 2011-4-14 17:50
Hello! I'm Shun from MACAU. Can't I buy some Liocheles australasiae from U? Please keep contact!  Thanks a million!
mobile no. :+853-66122152






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